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Razor Wire Fencing

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​The razor barbed wire fencing is a new type of protective net. The product has excellent deterrent effect, beautiful appearance, convenient construction



The Razor Wire Fencing, also known as the blade barbed wire, is a new type of protective net. The Razor Wire Fencing has excellent characteristics such as beautiful appearance, economical and practical, good anti-blocking effect and convenient construction.

The Razor barbed wire fencing is used as an accessory and can be mounted on the top of any mesh panel to further enhance protection.


At present, the razor barbed wire fencing has been widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, garden apartments, border guard posts, military fields, prisons, detention centers, and governments in many countries. 

Razor Wire Fencing

A. Blade Thickness : 0.32mm ~ 0.6mm

B.  Blade Type: BTO-10 / BTO-12 / BTO-22 / CBT-25 / BTO-30 / CBT-60 / CBT-65

C. CLAMP: Metal Clamps

D. SURFACE: Pre Hot Dipped Galvanized (100g/m²)/Galvanized + Polyester Powder Coated (All colors in Ral)

Razor Wire Fencing


barbed wire fencing Adaptability


The Razor barbed wire fencing can be directly used as a protective net and installed under different conditions, such as hillsides, mountains or deserts. The streamlined shape allows the Razor barbed wire fencing to be adapted to a wide range of field conditions. At the same time, the Razor barbed Wire can also be installed with any mesh, such as 358 Security Fence, 3d Wire Mesh Fence, chain link fence and so on.

Razor Wire Fencing Eye-catchingRazor Wire Fencing Eye-catching1


The special shape of the Razor Wire Fencing has a strong deterrent effect. At the same time, the Razor Wire Fencing can also be Polyester Powder Coated . When it is mounted on the top of the mesh, the bright color can effectively block the invasion of high-altitude flying objects. For example, birds, aircraft, etc. Moreover, after the polyester power coated, Razor Wire Fencing can prevent corrosion and rust and prolong the service life.

Razor Wire Fencing Eye catching

 Razor Wire Fencing Eye-catching4


Razor Wire Fencing

Razor Wire Fencing

   Conceptual Drawings   

Conceptual Drawings

Product Porcess

Razor Wire Fencing Product-Porcess

Our Service

  • Free sample is available ,specifications based on your require.

  • CE .SGS or other Certifications can be provided based on your require.

    As engineers we offer an evaluation of your designs and provide a workable solution.

  • OEM requires are accepted, We can deliver conceptual drawings to support your plans.

  • As manufacture ,we got the competitive price and we can ensure the shortest delivery time.

  • Factory located in mainland of China, you are welcome to visit and we will accompany with you.

  • Our factory has established for 17 years and got ISO9001 quality certificate, High quality can be ensured. 


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