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3D Wire Mesh Panel

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3D wire mesh fence is made of cold or hot-dipped galvanized wire mesh, connected to the galvanized peach post with no accessories, the unique design of embedded pothook makes post and wire combine perfectly, which makes wire mesh not be dismounted.



3D Wire Mesh Panel are one of the most popular options for customers, and this product provides security and a fascinating look. The bent portion increases the stability of the mesh.

The welded mesh panels are made of high quality low carbon steel wire. The parallel horizontal and vertical wires are welded together to form a solid mesh panel.Welded mesh fences are often combination with peach post, square post or round post. The post are usually equipped with steel plate flanges and expansion bolts, no need any fixed parts and are very fast to install.

The post and panel have a variety of color options, such as yellow, green, and red, this 3D wire mesh panel product has a unique aesthetic effect looks very pleasing.

3D Wire Mesh Panel with fashion style, rich colors,perfect match with around environment.

 3D wire mesh panel

A. WIDTH: 2000mm / 2500mm

B. POST: square post / peach post

C. HEIGHT: 1030mm / 1230mm / 1430mm / 1630mm / 1830mm / 2030mm / 2230mm

D. WIRE DIAMETER: 4.0mm / 4.5mm / 5.0mm

E. MESH SIZE: 200mm*50mm / 200mm*55mm

F. CLAMP: metal clamp / anti-UV plastic clamp / no clamp

G.  POST CAP: metal cap / anti-UV plastic cap

A. SURFACE:  Hot Dipped Galvanized (270g/m²) / Galvanized + Polyester Powder Coated (All colors in Ral)



3D Wire Mesh Panel Secure

The bend on the wire mesh fence panels can increase the stability . When encountering bad weather such as strong winds, the advantages of 3D wire mesh panel are reflected. 

Easy to install 

3D Wire Mesh Panel Easy to install

3D Wire Mesh Panel Easy to install

Peach post can perfect match with 3D wire mesh panel , it can install without any fix parts, the panel can flexible fixed into the post and difficult dis-assembly for fence. But also the 3D wire mesh panel can combined with square post or round post. Varietal choice can make the different angle design for panel to meet different needs of grounds. 


3D Wire Mesh Panel application3D Wire Mesh Panel For residential areas

3D Wire Mesh Panel For Residential Areas 

3D Wire Mesh Panel For park area

3D Wire Mesh Panel For park area

3D Wire Mesh Panel For sports area

3D Wire Mesh Panel For sports area

3D Wire Mesh Panel For exhibition area

3D Wire Mesh Panel For exhibition area

   Conceptual Drawings   

3D Wire Mesh Panel

Product Process

Firstly  the low-carbon steel wire with a galvanizing amount of 270g/m2 is used for straightening and cutting, and the machine is used for integral welding the fence panel to ensure that the flatness of the mesh is fully welded.

Then the mesh is bent to form a “P “shaped design that is symmetrical at the top and at the bottom.

The column is made of cold-formed steel + high-frequency welding of 270g/m2 galvanized steel, cut into the length as required , machined with screw holes, and polished to remove raw.

Finally  post and panel are treated by electrostatic spraying powder coating to corrode in out door environment. Products can be ensured use for 10 years.

Our Service

  • Free sample is available ,specifications based on your require.

  • OEM requires are accepted, We can deliver conceptual drawings to support your plans.

    As engineers we offer an evaluation of your designs and provide a workable solution.

  • Factory located in mainland of China, you are welcome to visit and we will accompany with you.

  • CE .SGS or other Certifications can be provided based on your require.

  • Our factory has established for 17 years and got ISO9001 quality certificate, High quality can be ensured.

  • As manufacture ,we got the competitive price and we can ensure the shortest delivery time.


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