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  • How Is Galvanized Double Wire Mesh Fencing Anti-Corrosive ?

    1. Using direct dip plastic spraying and galvanizing on the surface of the fence net to form a stable, high utilization rate, and excellent overall environment. More and more full-galvanized pipes will be produced in a wholesale manner. The galvanization and anticorrosion can be used quickly to real

  • Anti Corrosion Galvanized Double Horizontal Wire Mesh Fence Panel

    The galvanized double horizontal wire mesh fence panel is a sturdy fence composed of horizontal double wires and vertical wires welded together.The double horizontal wire mesh fence has a galvanized, PVC-coated or powder-coated surface.It is sufficiently resistant to corrosion and rust.

  • Hot Dipped Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh 3D Fence Panels

    The Hot Dipped Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh 3D Fence Panels are a type of 3D Fence Panels which dipped into a molten metal to obtain a metal layer. The alloy layer is formed between the welded wire mesh 3D Fence and the coated metal by means of dissolution, chemical reaction, and diffusion.

  • 3D wire mesh panel in various applications

    3D wire mesh panel is made of powder-coated galvanized steel wire. The powder coated and galvanized surfaces have excellent corrosion resistance and weather resistance, which means 3D wire mesh panel has a long lifespan. The “V” shaped beams of 3D wire mesh panel not only enhance the appearance

  • Flat top Galvanized steel aluminum fence exporter

    The Flat Top Galvanized Steel Aluminum Fence is also called steel fence, ornamental steel fence. The panels are manufactured using the strongest steel tips and rails (aluminum tips and rails are available on request) and are available in a variety of sizes and styles. The panel is fixed on a powder-coated square steel pipe or aluminum pillar by a high-strength steel or aluminum bracket.

  • New pattern 656 double wire mesh fencing

    The 656 Double Wire Mesh Mesh is a rugged yet unobtrusive fence system. It is commonly used as a perimeter fence for industrial or commercial premises and sports fields that require a robust mesh fence system. It is also widely used in roads, freight yards, airports, sports fields and public areas.

  • Best Match Security Twin 868 Wire Mesh Fence

    Twin 868 Wire Mesh Fence is a kind of fence widely used in Europe. The main component is a double wire welded grid plate with a single vertical steel wire and double horizontal steel wire. The panel is fixed to the post by metal or plastic clips. The entire panel is flat without any bending. For the surface treatment of the panel, we use electrostatic polyester powder spraying.

  • Canada PVC temporary fence-Best Security fence

    Canada PVC temporary fences are easy to install and easy to move. They are ideal for restricting access to or closing the site. They are widely used in construction sites where public events or crowd control are important. Canadian temporary fences are perfect for immediate use. If a fence is needed in the short term, such as for storage, public safety, crowd control or anti-theft, it can be used instead of a permanent fence. We offer various sizes of temporary fence panels to suit your site-specific requirements.

  • China Anti-intruder Extension arms zinc steel fencing

    Extension arms zinc steel fencing is ideal for architectural and landscape design that complements the structure while providing security, boundary definition and security.Galvanized steel anti-intruder welded mesh fence with extension arm is widely used in modern life.

  • China BRC-Roll Top Welded Wire Mesh Fence

    Roll Top Fence is a welded wire mesh fence that has a rolled top and bottom edge for enhanced safety and rigidity.With no sharp or raw edges, roll top welded wire mesh fence is suitable where safety is a consideration.So it is widely use for school,garden, residential areas,playground,garden,park,etc.

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