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  • Steel Palisade Fencing

    Solving devices provide for a solution for fixed-edge liners and ladders, which allows us to produce substantial quantities of high-quality trace protection systems and to supply them to micro-operators.

  • Security Palisade Fence with Corrugated Pales and Anti-Climbing Topping

    Steel palisade fences and gates for security purposes are also called SP fences. Security palisade fences and gates in corrugated pales have higher security grade than general palisade fences and gates. Security palisade fences heights can be 3.0 m and 3.6 m, and fence posts at 2.75 m centres.• Pale

  • Steel Palisade Fencing

    The Korapal system has widespread applications as a deterrent to the casual intruder. Palisade fencing is available in General Purpose (GP) and Security Purpose (SP) specifications. Available with matching single and double leaf steel Palisade gates.

  • Perimeter fencing the perfect solution to your boundary

    Perimeter fencing is the perfect solution to your boundary security fencing. As perimeter fencing is supplied piece small it is easily adapted to most site conditions.

  • Palisade Security Fencing Effective Deters Intruders

    Perimeter security fencing, a security wire fence with "D" and "W" section pale provides an effective deterrent to intruders. The two head styles - "D" pale profile, and "W" section pale - for different choice to meet a perceived level of security risk. "D" section thickness (shown as table-1) 2.0 mm /3.0 mm

  • The details of security grade steel palisade fencing

    There are many benefit of installing the palisade fencing on the commercial premises, if you have any enquiry, please get in touch today and our professional team are always happy to help.A Palisade is a popular type of fencing that are widely used for security protection or general barrier among co

  • palisade fencing suppliers

    The Paralisade family is set very foot-by for fighting. The manufacture of the composite and the combination of strong steel blocks with wharf and cold mortar will leave stability and stamina, and offer a satisfying, long-term life.Concorsions of a pole on steel are widely recognised as an economic

  • Security Palisade Fence -High Security and Stability Steel Fencing

    Security palisade fencing, also called SP fence, is made from S235JR and it increases the difficulty to go through buildings. Compared with general palisade fence, SP fence has higher security and stability. SP fence only involves 3.0 mm thick corrugated W" section and 3.9 mm thick corrugated "D"sec

  • Palisade Fence with Many Components and Advantages

    The palisade fence with many advantages can be used in various places. For example, in private residence, the palisade fence is used to prevent intruders and also serves as a decoration facilities; in garage, the palisade fence serves as the gate of the access; in agriculture, the palisade fence ser


    Defence protection fuels are also the Australia's leading companies representing manufacturers for their manufacturers, those produced from raw materials and production, and the progentical gene technology Fazit Promax™ 358, which ensures the operation of steel mills and the metallic stability and p

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