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High Security Fence

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In addition to the 358 mesh fence, 3510 fence, double line fence and Palisade fence, we also offer another style of high security fence - a combination of razor barbed wire and welded wire plate or chain link fence. High security protection is a perfect anti-climbing option for protecting racing cars, tracks, airports, industrial sites, regimes and military installations, and railroads. They can effectively protect the above places from vandals and intruders.

We mainly provide the following two types of combined height protection fences as shown below:

Razor wire mesh mounted on welded wire mesh

The razor wire mesh is mounted on the chain link fence.

Features and benefits of high security fence :

  • 358 tight mesh configuration does not provide climbing aids

  • Meets BS1722: Part 14

  • Each grid line is soldered at each intersection

  • Tested by the Ministry of Justice for HMP high security real estate

  • Reduce manual and power tool attacks with tight mesh design

  • Single panel height up to 6 meters

  • V-beams are also available for extra rigidity (see HiSec Profile)

  • Bolted, ground or wall post options available

  • 3 different anti-vandal and tamper-proof fixing options (spider clips, single or double)

  • High visibility makes the 358 welded mesh ideal for CCTV cameras

  • LPCB LPS1175 SR1 rated option is also available (see HiSec SR1)

  • Get design safety approval

  • For areas that need to limit visibility, you can add an upgrade

  • Difficult to cut with a bolt cutter

  • Very powerful and powerful

  • Can be stepped to allow installation on uneven ground

  • A variety of fence toppings are also available (see Fence Toppings)

  • Matching pedestrian and vehicle gates are also available

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