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358 mesh security fencing

A list of these 358 mesh security fencing articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional 358 mesh security fencing, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
  • 358 Anti-Climb Fence


    The 358 Anti-Climb Fence has a wire diameter of only 4mm, providing a solid barrier that is difficult to climb and penetrate. In fact, it is not possible to cut the wire at 358 using a conventional bolt or wire cutter.MaterialDimensionsFixings4mm wire spot welded at every intersection. Read More

  • 868 double wire mesh fencing


    For schools, sports fields and many other public places, it is essential to prevent people from crossing or crossing the fence system. The 868 double wire mesh fencing acts as a solid barrier, while the panel height of up to 6m plays a large role. Read More

  • 358 Anti Climbing Welded Mesh Fencing


    358 Anti Climbing Welded Mesh Fencing called "prison net", is a kind of high security anti-climbing and anti-cutting welded steel wire mesh. Generally, galvanized wires are welded into fence panels with extremely fine openings that cannot be penetrated by fingers. Read More

  • 358 Security Fence Prison Security Fence


    358 Security Fence Prison Security Fence provides the ideal choice when a visually attractive, yet substantial fencing material is required. Wherever extreme security is a priority, this system with its close mesh profile offers a cost effective solution.This rigid, robust, resistant barrier is manu Read More

  • Security Mesh Fence


    358 Security Mesh Fencing system provides a high level of security for those applications where it is a high priority to keep intruders out or to contain inmates (EG Prisons or secure psychiatric units), Security Mesh Fencing is also often used for other applications for peace of mind. Read More

  • Security Mesh Fencing


    Security fence system providing an anti-climb, anti-penetrative barrier that is second-to-none. In addition, it has a virtually see through appearance that will blend into the surrounding environment. Security Mesh Fence provides maximum security for perimeter security fence protection. The mesh ape Read More

  • Anti-Climb 358 Security Fence


    Anti-Climb 358 Security Fence is the ultimate in discreet high security perimeter protection. These systems combine and anti-climb and anti-cut fence with excellent through visibility. 358 anti-climb rigid mesh is a highly attractive, yet seriously secure fencing solution that is popular across a Read More

  • 358 mesh security fencing


    The 358 Grid Safety Fence is designed for demanding applications because it provides ultimate protection against creep and cut. Made of 4mm wire and welded at each intersection to form a rugged panel with a mesh of 76.2mm x 12.7mm pitch for excellent fluoroscopy visibility. Fully compatible with CCT Read More

  • High Security Fence


    High security fenceIn addition to the 358 net fence, 3510 fence, double line fence and Paladin fence, we also offer another style of high security fence - a combination of razor barbed wire and welded wire plate or chain link fence. High security protection is a perfect anti-climbing option for prot Read More

  • 358 Security Anti-Climb Fence


    The anti-climbing fence is safer than the normal 358 fence. It has the same wire thickness as the 358 fence, but the mesh opening pattern is smaller in size. Intruders cannot climb with their fingers and toes, and traditional bolts or wire cutters cannot cut the anti-climbing fence.The anti-climbing Read More

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358 mesh security fencing

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