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2.0 m High Palisade fence

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Suitable for installation on hard and soft ground types
This Palisade Fencing is suitable for a spread of outside locations where a medium level of security is required. Designed for permanent installation, this Palisade Fencing is extremely robust and resilient and is usually a well-liked choice of security fencing for industrial and commercial buildings, also as public areas.
The Pales are cold rolled, offering the Palisade Fencing great strength and is furnished with a protective galvanised finish, to assist prevent rust. The pales have a w shape profile which makes it very difficult for people to grip onto the Palisade Fencing. The Palisade Fencing even have triple pointed heads, which helps to stop climbing activity. Here initially Fence, we also offer single pointed, also as round and notched pales for Palisade Fencing.
Palisade Fencing is an efficient way of protecting your site from intrusion and it also works as a theft deterrent due it s intimidating appearance. The spacing between each pale is additionally too narrow for giant objects to be skilled the safety fencing. Palisade Fencing can often be seen protecting industrial sites, agricultural areas, schools, railway stations and high security buildings.

Palisade fence                               High Palisade fence

High strength, good steel natural capacity, wonderful shape, wild field of vision, easy to install, best weather resistance.

product processing:

raw material---cutting---lofting---weled---polish---shot blasting---clean impurity---spraying---packing

the iron fence is widely used for house, community, park, school, apartment, hospital, office, etc.. with differenct color and style. all raw material is galvanized for long life, the surface treatment can be painted and spraying.

Fence Powder:

All our products are powder coated with international brand powder,friendly and no pollution, The

color can be customized by your request.

Surface treatment:

Aluminum + powder coated or Galvanized steel + powder coated spraying

Welcome to tell us your products' size and quantity or give us some pictures or design drawings. We can design it for you with high quality and competitive price, if there is no drawings from your side, it is better that tell us the of the fence you like, we will propose with our usual solution for your reference firstly. then we will discuss details.

Palisade fence                            Palisade fence

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