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1.8m High Corner Post & Fixings for Mesh Security Fencing

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This 1.8m high post has been designed specifically to be used with 1.8 metre mesh fencing panels. This post makes it much easier to make a corner to your mesh fencing perimeter. The post has been made up of top quality pre-galvanised steel which has then been powder coated. Not only does this dual layer increase the longevity of your fencing, it can also be powder coated in a wide variety of standard and custom RAL colours.
This corner post kit also comes with all of the fixings that you will require in order to install this corner post into your fencing perimeter.
This post is out there in two different styles, bolt down or dig in. Dig in posts are a more standard type of post which require holes to be dug and filled with post mix (sold separately) to hold the post in place. Bolt down posts are designed with a base plate which can be bolted down using ground anchor bolts (sold separately), into hard ground such as concrete where it would be difficult or time consuming to use dig in posts.
Purchasing Torque Bits are highly recommended as they're required when installing Mesh Fencing Security systems and are designed to specifically fit the bolts included in our Mesh Fencing Kits.

Please note: All of our mesh fencing clips are supplied in black as standard, do you have to require the clips to be during a different RAL colour, please contact us for a quotation.
Green (RAL 6005) and Black (RAL 9005) powder coated posts are available as standard, for other RAL colours, lead times may apply.

Green Mesh Security fencing                                    Mesh-Security-Fencing

High strength, good steel natural capacity, wonderful shape, wild field of vision, easy to install, best weather resistance.

product processing:

raw material---cutting---lofting---weled---polish---shot blasting---clean impurity---spraying---packing

the iron fence is widely used for house, community, park, school, apartment, hospital, office, etc.. with differenct color and style. all raw material is galvanized for long life, the surface treatment can be painted and spraying.

Fence Powder:

All our products are powder coated with international brand powder,friendly and no pollution, The

color can be customized by your request.

Surface treatment:

Aluminum + powder coated or Galvanized steel + powder coated spraying

Welcome to tell us your products' size and quantity or give us some pictures or design drawings. We can design it for you with high quality and competitive price, if there is no drawings from your side, it is better that tell us the of the fence you like(aluminum alloy, iron or stainless steel), we will propose with our usual solution for your reference firstly. then we will discuss details.

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