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The details of security grade steel palisade fencing

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There are many benefit of installing the palisade fencing on the commercial premises, if you have any enquiry, please get in touch today and our professional team are always happy to help.


There are many benefits to installing fences in commercial places. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately and our professional team will be happy to serve you.

Palisade fencing is a popular fence, which is widely used for security protection or general barrier in commercial and industrial buildings, residential areas and public places, school entrances and recreation areas.

The palisade fencing is composed of two horizontally running steel rails and connected with vertical steel joists. This type of structural design makes the fence a strong and inaccessible barrier to keep intruders away and enhance safety protection.

Palisade fences can be made into various sizes, from the standard 1m to 3m high, and can also be designed and manufactured to meet any specific size requirements. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your fencing requirements, we are happy to provide you with the height that best suits your safety needs.

Palisade fencings has many different forms. It has various shapes and sizes to meet different purposes and advantages. The following are some wooden fences and their advantages:

D-shaped fence-D-shaped fence fences are designed for low- and medium-level security protection, such as boundary delimitation.

W-shaped fence-W-shaped fence fence is designed to provide a stronger or more resistant boundary. This fence type fence provides higher security protection for the surrounding area.

Angel steel window-Angel steel window is a simple structure, usually used for general purposes, such as residential properties.

Palisade fencing toppings-Wooden fence fences come with a variety of toppings. The most well-known aspect of fence fences is the sharpest finish. The sharp and pointed face played an extra security and deterrent effect. There are single-pointed, three-pointed and round finishes, as well as notched finishes, square-pointed finishes or straight cut light shades. Each finish will be used for different purposes, please make sure you discuss your requirements with us in advance.

Palisade fencings have been widely used as security measures for property, commercial and industrial sites, and hazardous areas that are strictly restricted for public safety, such as power stations, railway stations, and airports.

The design and construction of wooden fence fences provide many benefits for protection and securing properties, including:

Sturdy structure-a strong visual barrier is formed, which is difficult to break down with force. In turn, this increases the visual deterrence to stop intruders.

Difficult to climb-most fence-style fences are designed to make it difficult to climb, and the top of the fence increases the risk of injury to intruders.

Privacy – Create a high level of privacy and security around your premises.

High security – palisade fencing can have additional anti-climbing features and safety measures, such as sharp pointed head ornaments, super high steel panels, security cameras and warning signs. This is ideal for dangerous public hazardous areas, factories, industrial parks and commercial warehouses.

Low maintenance costs-steel palisade fencing are weather resistant and do not require regular repairs or maintenance.

Multiple options are available-palisade fencings have a variety of heights, styles and top finishes, designed for safety or security purposes. It can be used in residential properties or commercial premises to meet your specifications.

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