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Security Palisade Fence

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Steel palisade fences and gates for security purposes are also called SP fences. Security palisade fences and gates in corrugated pales have higher security grade than general palisade fences and gates.

Security palisade fences heights can be 3.0 m and 3.6 m, and fence posts at 2.75 m centres.

• Pales relevant load/deflection: the maximum deflection at the middle of the span under a test load of 3.5 kN shall not exceed 10 mm.

• The maximum spacing of pales centre to centre: 155 mm.

• Burrowing

• Pales are extended by 150 mm and embedded in the concrete sill.

• Pales are extended by 350 mm and buried in the ground.

• Pale removal

To increase resistance to pale removal, an additional rail fixed to the pales 100 mm from the bottom of the pales

• Topping

For further security against climbing, a spiked topping, barbed wire lines, or barbed tape concertina can be fixed to the pales.

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