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Security Galvanized Barbed Wire Fencing

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  Galvanized zinc layer thickness is the main quality criteria, and it decided the security galvanized barbed wire fencing corrosion resistance, good or bad. The thicker the zinc coated, the better the corrosion resistance is. High mechanical properties of materials (hardness,elasticity,strength) make it virtually impossible snacking or slicing without any
special tools, and a protective layer of zinc on the material gives a high resistance to corrosion and long service life of at least 25 years.

  Installation of security galvanized barbed wire fencing concertina can be used to build fences of varying height, width, thickness, both directly on the ground, and on any type of fence, as well as on the roofs and walls of the building.
Application: galvanized barbed wire fencing secure the following objects: bases and depots, water conservation and environmental businesses, nuclear power plants and CHP plants, hydropower plants and power plant, gas supply and gas distribution facilities, facilities of defense, the interior ministry and penitentiary, areas of mining and border regions.

  Nowadays,security galvanized barbed wire fencing has become popular for the installation of safety barriers in horticulture, in suburban areas, and private facilities. Razor wire concertina is often used as a mobile security barrier to enclose an area.

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