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Palisade fence

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Palisade Rails - Solution to Palisade Fencing Fastening

Palisade rails are also called horizontal fences or cross bars. The light color of the wooden fence and the uprights are connected with the help of top hat bolts and anti-vandal nets. They are rolled from angle steel and punched in bolts and nuts. At the same time, they are galvanized according to the standard and coated with PVC according to your requirements.

The end of palisade fence rails with holes for bolts and nuts.

Palisade rails

Generally, two fence rails can fix the fence fence at a height of less than 3 meters. However, if the fence is higher than this height, other rails should be fixed to ensure its integrity.

A razor can be used between each fence guard to make a sharp fence guard to prevent being caught by intruders or even climbing on the fence fence.

    Material: quality rolled steel angle
    Size: 40 × 40mm, 45 × 45mm, 50 × 50mm and 60 × 60mm according to fence height
    Thickness: 6mm
    Holes: 19 holes, 17 holes for pales and 2 holes for post
    Finish: hot dipped galvanized with optional PVC coating
    Color: black, red, green, blue, red, orange, etc.

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