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New pattern 656 double wire mesh fencing

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The 656 Double Wire Mesh Mesh is a rugged yet unobtrusive fence system.  It is commonly used as a perimeter fence for industrial or commercial premises and sports fields that require a robust mesh fence system.  It is also widely used in roads, freight yards, airports, sports fields and public areas.

The connection of the security panel adopts a special fixing device and is connected with a stainless steel anti-theft screw to avoid disassembly.  Double horizontal line panel design  high rigidity.Long-life coating technology ensures a longer life.  After galvanizing, it can perfectly adhere to the polyester coating.



 Panel size 2x2.5mt

 Mesh size: 50x200mm

 Wire diameter: 4.9mm before processing

 Pillar: 60x60 square pillar, 1.5mm wall thickness.  2.5 tons long.

 Clamps: Metal clamps include bolts and screws

 Color : Dark green, white or custom

 Surface treatment: galvanized, hot-dip galvanized, PVC coating

 Grid size 50x200mm, 55x200mm

 Roll length 0.50m-100m

 Roll width 0.5m-5.0m

 Process: Welding


 Advantages of the 656 Double Wire Mesh Mesh:

 • Easy installation

 • High-cost performance

 •good looking

 • There are different choices of colors according to the use environment

 • Strong rust and corrosion resistance

 • Corrosion resistance, aging resistance, sun resistance and weather resistance.


Application of the 656 Double Wire Mesh Mesh:


 Residential area

 industrial area

 Business district


Quick installation is easy to maste. The 656 Double Wire Mesh Mesh consisting of panels with different meshes and heights, columns with suitable fixing systems, and various meshes and gates.  All components ensure fast and professional installation.

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