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Anti Climb Fence

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Anti Climb Fence (prison mesh fences or 358 mesh fences) are primarily used as part of the fence system to provide maximum protection for the site without obstructing visibility. Anti-climb fences have long been considered the safest welded grid fences, and because of their excellent settings, they can be commercially obtained with advantages over other products, such as steel fences, link fences or different types of welded work fences.

The anti-climb fence is made of an excitation wire (also covered with polyester powder and epoxy) with a hole diameter of 76.2 mm x 12.7 mm. This means a reasonable opening between the 9 mm lines - the lack of an instrument to insert the hand or to cut the line.

The vertical line of the fence also limits the accessibility of the opening, and the entire fence forms a small square. It is difficult to penetrate the anti-climbing fence with common tools and therefore has a delayed attack time than other traditional fence products.

The tightness of the wires in this anti-climbing fence makes it impossible to climb along these lines. This is why it is called "anti-climbing." The fence opening is a finger/toe verification that is designed to provide excellent visibility through the wires, from the opposite and angled directions.

To find out the rate/cost of the anti-climbing fence (Prison Mesh or 358 Mesh), you can send us your details.

It is highly recommended to use anti-crawling net system for:

  • Military sites

  • Prisons and correctional facilities

  • Critical infrastructure

  • Warehouses

  • Factories

  • Important government buildings

  • VIP residential area

  • Power plants (nuclear and thermal)

  • Telecommunications facilities

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