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358 security fencing

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If the application specifically requires heavy-duty 358 security fence designs to meet specifications, including the use of CCTV, or visual deterrence as a primary consideration, our 358 High Security Mesh Fence provides the ideal solution control application for a variety of high security boundaries and access.

Anti-crawling (sometimes referred to as 358 Security Fence Prison Security Fence has small holes and welds at each intersection, eliminating the grip of the feet and fingers, preventing objects from passing through and being particularly effective for use with conventional manual cutting tools.

358 Security Anti-Climb Fence and posts can be configured to meet the requirements of the Ministry of the Interior for use in prisons or other higher security detention or surveillance facilities.

Features of 358 Security Mesh Fencing:

Overlap at least 75mm on the column to maintain complete protection

Anti-climbing design

Vertical pale spacing meets anti-trap building codes

Clamping rod

Can be stepped on to the inclined ground

Custom design

Match single leaf and double leaf doors available

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