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358 mesh security fencing

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358 mesh security fencing is designed for demanding applications because it provides ultimate protection against creep and cut. Made of 4mm wire and welded at each intersection to form a rugged panel with a mesh of 76.2mm x 12.7mm pitch for excellent fluoroscopy visibility. Fully compatible with CCTV's widely used security systems,

358 security fence can add additional features to help with additional security applications, including detection and electrification

Benefits of 358 mesh fence:

  • Anti climbing. Smaller opening. Therefore, the fingers and toes of the person cannot pass.

  • Anti cutting. Rugged wires and welded joints make wire cutters and bolt cutters difficult to cut.

  • Versatility. Many different applications such as schools, parks, leisure and entertainment areas.

  • Durability. The 358 mesh fence is made of high quality steel wire and then galvanized or polymer powder coated to ensure long service life.

  • High strength at each intersection.

  • Grid fences are configured to provide maximum visibility, especially for emergency and electronic inspection systems.

  • You can step over to fit the sloped ground.

  • Clampbar fixings.

  • Provide custom designs.

Our 358 mesh safety fence is suitable for the following applications: 

  • correctional facilities detention center 

  • airport 

  • military site 

  • school 

  • retail area

  • commercial area

  • utility/public works facility key service infrastructure bridge safety

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