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358 Security Anti-Climb Fence

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358 Security Anti-Climb Fence is safer than the normal 358 fence. It has the same wire thickness as the 358 fence, but the mesh opening pattern is smaller in size. Intruders cannot climb with their fingers and toes, and traditional bolts or wire cutters cannot cut the anti-climbing fence.

The anti-climbing fence has a more rigid double vertical wire structure that makes it difficult to pass through. The 358 anti-climbing mesh fencing has the advantages of anti-climbing, anti-cutting, anti-corrosion and good visibility. Combined with razor barbed wire, safety fence nails or toothed nails, it is ideal for high-end applications such as prison, military and electrical facilities.

High security anti-climbing fence function

Good visibility visibility, it is a clear vision with high security.

Solder well at each intersection.

Anti-intrusive, with a strong double vertical line design.

Small mesh, anti-cutting, anti-climbing, anti-finger and anti-toe.

Zinc-aluminum alloy and PVC powder coatings are corrosion resistant.

The surface finish after soldering is well protected for each solder joint.

High strength, fully integrated with pillars and tamper-proof fixtures.

Fence safety toppings are optional.

Easy to install and free to maintain.

5 year warranty.

Anti-climbing fence specifications:

Wire: 4 mm wire.

Wire surface treatment: galfan coating after welding, then PVC powder coating (minimum 120 microns), or PVC powder coating.

PVC coating color: black, dark green, brown, yellow, desert sand, bronze or other color requirements.

Grid opening pattern: 70 mm × 8 mm, welded well at each intersection.

Mesh width: 2515 mm.

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