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358 High Security Mesh Fence

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Secure-nett's 358 High Security Mesh Fence uses the popular "358" Weld Grid configuration to defeat potential intruders.

The 358 security fencing attribute makes it an excellent solution for high security applications. This fact reflects the use of British prison facilities by the Ministry of the Interior.

As a result, tight mesh formation ensures that it is almost impossible to climb and is difficult to cut without power tools. Secure-nett has developed three fixed methods to ensure the most appropriate and flexible solution to meet specific installation specifications. 

Whether you use our "spider" clip system at low risk sites or use our dual fixed or single fixed clamp system, the 358 Security Anti-Climb Fence reduces the risk of potential attacks.

For high-security locations, the end of the panel is attached to the post by a single retaining clamp, making it very difficult to pull the panel apart.

Thanks to our leading system technology and in-house manufacturing, the 358 Security Mesh Fencing system can reach a height of 5.2 meters in a single panel.

To ensure that we are able to offer a complete single solution, pedestrian and vehicle access solutions are carefully designed to meet aesthetic requirements while ensuring the same level of security is maintained.

358 High Security Fence is also ideally suited for integration with CCTV, PID and secure top enhancements such as barbs and razor coils, all of which are available as part of a complete turnkey solution.

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