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358 High Security Fence

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358 High Security Fence is a high quality zinc/aluminum coated Ø4mm high strength steel mesh with a hole size of 71mm x 9mm (358 is an inch size: 3" x 0.5" x 8 size).

The 358 security fencing provides maximum on-site safety and personnel safety as it is:

  • Anti-climb fences are very difficult to climb - the aperture size makes it almost impossible to get hands or feet

  • Due to the minimum penetration clearance provided by the aperture size, it is highly resistant to common cutting tools.

  • Minimize visual impact on the surrounding environment - Enough aperture size for clear public viewing while Maintaining public safety

  • Provides a clear, clear view of sight for security and camera monitoring

358 High Security Mesh Fence is the next generation of ultimate safety fences, whether you want to stop intruders, protect the public from health and safety hazards, or protect fragile ecosystems.

358 Security Anti-Climb Fence is ideal for setup and forgets high safety or safety requirements, including:

  • Airport and shipping business

  • School safety and educational institutions and libraries

  • Sports field and swimming pool

  • Commercial buildings and warehouses

  • Hospital and medical center

  • Vulnerable ecosystems and areas of high conservation value

  • Animal fence

In fact, 358 Security Mesh Fencing is suitable for any occasion where an advanced security fence is required and has an attractive appearance.

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