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Welded double wire mesh fencing

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  Welded double wire mesh fencing, also known as a 2D safety fence, double wire fence.  From a distance, the wine bar panel is like a normal fence panel. However, unlike the traditional 358 safety fences and European fence welded fences, the welded double wire mesh fencing with two horizontal wires are particularly strong and strong.

The welded double wire mesh fencing can be of the general type with large holes or a 358 fence with small holes. There are two options for the spacing between the two double lines of a common welded double wire mesh fencing: double each horizontal line and double the horizontal line for every three horizontal lines. Usually, 868 and 656 are the most common types ofwelded double wire mesh fencing. The Model 868 welded guardrail means that the panel has two horizontal conductors with a diameter of 8 mm and a vertical conductor with a diameter of 6 mm.


    The pile must be buried underground, from a minimum of 0.5 m to a maximum of 0.7 m.
    Several panels can be mounted on top of each other to achieve a higher height.
    At the top of the fence, if a Y-pillar is used, a razor wire and a wire mesh can be installed.
    The spacing between the struts is preferably 0.3 m.
    A complete installation guide is available upon request.


    Two-wire: Two-wire panel prevents vandalism.
    Visibility: through-hole.
    Durable and durable: galvanized wire and powder-coated surfaces provide long panel life.
    Easy to install: Panels can be easily installed into the column with accessories such as brackets and levers.
    Ideal for secondary operations: Fences can be easily broken down into parts for secondary use.

Application range:

Residential, industrial, commercial and entertainment venues.


The welded double wire mesh fencing is housed in a wooden pallet and wrapped in a plastic film that is then securely wrapped with tape to ensure safe storage and transportation.

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