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Crowd Control Barrier

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Crowd control barrier, also known as mobile fence, temporary fencing, mobile safety fence. Hot sale size: frame 25mm, vertical bar: 16mm, overall size: 1.2x2.1m, raw materials are welded with double-sided galvanized profiles, powder coating, mostly used for roadblocks, temporary pedestrian passages. Crowd control barriers are quick and easy to install, flexible and reusable.


The crowd control barrier is the best choice for line guidance and is widely used in power distribution, maintenance, electrical maintenance, renovation, transportation, and warning lines.


Crowd control barriers are not only used for simple isolation on the road, but more importantly for fast traffic and information through urban traffic. They are used to establish rules, maintain traffic order, and make urban traffic safer, more efficient, and more orderly. It also makes the surrounding environment more harmonious and coordinated.

Crowd control barrierCrowd-control-barrier

A. WIDTH: 2000mm / 2200mm / 2500mm

B. HEIGHT: 1000mm / 1100mm / 1200mm / 1500mm

C. FRAME DIAMETER: φ30mm / 38mm / 40mm / 42mm

D. INSIDE PIPE DIAMETER:φ 16mm / 20mm / 25mm / 32mm


F. NAMEPLATE: Metal Plate

G. BASEFOOT:Metal Base Foot (Variety Styles)

H. SURFACE:Pre Hot Dipped Galvanized (270/m²) Galvanized + PVC Coated (All colors in Ral)

Flexible installation:

The crowd control barrier is very flexible and very adaptable to the terrain. The connection of crowd control barriers is very easy to move and install. Therefore, the crowd control pillar has strong terrain adaptability.Especially in crowded places such as concerts. 


Choose from a variety of powder coating colors to make your obstacles stand out for the crowd. Help people safer and more efficiently. Color options are often used to identify designated areas or to promote philanthropy.

Product application:

Crowd Control Barrier
For Private Area

Product advantages

Crowd Control Barrier

For Parking Area

Crowd Control Barrier
For Traffic Control

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