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Standard Palisade Fence

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Powder Coated Palisade Fence provides a formidable barrier using profiled strip steel components. Palisade is an extremely effective perimeter protection. metal palisade fence normally is D shape or W shape pale specifications with triple pointed tops, other specifications including pointed, rounded or rounded and notched can be supplied to order.

Our palisade fencing, including posts, is hot-dip galvanized, thickness of approximately 80 microns, rust-proof and custom-made to your individual requirements. Various designs and colors are available to choose from. And a fade and scratch resistant Polyester powder coating ensures that your fencing will continue to look attractive.

About palisade fencing gate Palisade fencing, Panels, other form of fencing you may be considering. We manufacture to order based on your individual requirements and needs.

Standard Palisade Fence

Security Palisade Fences Specifications:

· Pales 2.0mm D or W Section pointed (Also can do 2.5-4.0mm)

· Different top: triple/single/round/round and notch top

· Finish Hot Dip Galvanized and Powder coated (request in a range of standard colors)

· Height: 1.2m 1.8m 2.0m 2.1m 2.4m 3.0m

· Fittings: M8x25mm W Bolt & Shear Nut

       M8x40mm D Bolt & Shear Nut

       M12 Bolt & Shear Nut

       Straight / Corner Fishplate

       Complete Bay Bags

 Riot Control Fence1


Powder Coated Palisade Fence Applications:

· Perimeter - medium/high security

· Utilities/Airports/Retail

· Industrial units

· Warehousing

Standard Palisade Fence

Galvanised Palisade Fences Packing: Plastic film/bubble bag and then metal pallets .  

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