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P Top Welded Wire Mesh Fence

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P Top Welded Wire Mesh Fence is an economical product.This type of fence is much cheaper than 358-gauge fence and steel fencing. Of course, security features are not like others. The V segment is another factor that makes it economical.


Rolling the top and bottom is the most important feature of the P Top Welded Wire Mesh Fence. The P Top Welded Wire Mesh Fence is the only fence that has a top and bottom scroll. There are two main reasons for designing a fence in this way. The first is to make it stronger on the horizon. The other is to make it look more beautiful.


P Top Welded Wire Mesh Fence is a see-through panel in the welding fence series. It is easy to see what is on the other side of the fence. If you want to show people your garden or building, P Top Welded Wire Mesh Fences are a good choice, but if you need privacy protection, maybe BRC fence is not a good choice. Thanks to the perspective function, you get a good view from the P Top Welded Wire Mesh Fence. The mesh size of the P Top Welded Wire Mesh Fence is usually 200mm * 50mm, which is not too big but is enough for you to see through the fence. So it may be a good choice for the garden, then you can share your beauty and opinions with others.

P Top Welded Wire Mesh Fences are widely used in the city, but the main markets are in Singapore, South Korea and other Southeast Asian countries. In the first phase, P Top Welded Wire Mesh Fences were used as parking barriers for urban areas, urban sections, roadside fences and residential areas, but some engineers designed 

P Top Welded Wire Mesh Fences for temporary use during construction. It can be attached to the edge of each floor to protect employees who work on higher floors during construction. Most P Top Welded Wire Mesh Fence applications are for outdoor use, so hot dip galvanized finishes are more acceptable than powder coatings.

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