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How To Install Chain Link Fence

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Chaink Link Fences are a safe and inexpensive way to provide advertising protection for your home. Setting up and installing a chain link fence is not as difficult as you might think.

Step 1 - Mark and plan

The chain link fence consists of three main elements: the pillar, the chain link fence and the gate. The first step is to plan the layout of the fence. This includes not only the location of the main corner post, but also where you plan to place the gate. Corner posts and door posts are often referred to as terminal posts.

Place the stake on the ground to which each terminal belongs. You can use this as a guide. The corner post is easy to plan and the door post requires some extra work. Measure the width of the door and place a marker on each side. One post will hold the door and the other will remain latched to close it.

Step 2 - Set the binding posts

Use a pillar digging machine to dig approximately 30 inches deep and at least 8 inches wide for each column. Center each column and pour concrete until it reaches ground level. Wipe it with a trowel. The important thing is that the post is centered and straight. The curved columns not only look bad, but also make the installation of the chain link fence difficult.

Step 3 - Set up the line release

Allow the concrete in the terminal to harden overnight, then install the terminal. The wire column is the column between the terminal columns. Connect strings between the posts to help center and measure the posts. These must be in line with the binding posts, otherwise it can be cumbersome and difficult to fix the
chain link fence.

Measure the distance between the columns and check the column spacing map for your particular fence. The general rule is that there is approximately one column for every 10 feet, but it will vary depending on the size of the fence. Mark each spot with a stake and dig about 24 inches deep and 6 inches wide. Center the post and fill it with concrete.

After the concrete has set, place the tensioning strap on the column. This number depends on the height of the column, so please refer to the chain link fence instructions. These apply only to the columns that are usually at the top, middle and bottom. Place the caps on the binding posts, which are located just at the top of the binding posts.

Step 4 - Install the rails

The rails help to secure the links and are located directly below the shield. Use the rail end straps to attach the first top rail member to the binding post and secure it with the trolley bolts. Add rail links until you reach the following terminal posts, then use a hacksaw to cut the rails to fit. Secure it with the end straps and secure with the frame bolts. Continue to the rest of the chain link fence.

Step 5 - Additional links

It's time to start the chain. Unfold the link from one of the terminal posts. Scroll through the fence outside the fence. Pass the tension bar through the first line of the link and secure it to the previously worn belt and secure it with the frame bolts. Continue to expand the chain link fence to ensure that the slack along the way is eliminated. Use a fence tie to attach the fence to the top rail to maintain its position.

Once the post connection is established, use a fence tie to secure the link to the terminal and top rail. Connect them every 2 feet on the rails and 1 foot on the posts.

Step 6 - Lift the gate

The final job is to connect the revolving door. Attach the hinges along the top and bottom of the doorpost and secure with bolts. Connect the gate to the hinge and tighten the bolt. Open and close the door to ensure it is properly closed.

Now you have created a secure environment through the chain link fence.

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