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High security palisade fences

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As crime rates increase, people are looking for a High security palisade fence that can effectively resist theft, threats, and intruders. High security fences have become an advanced security option for commercial, industrial and school locations, given the security assets and better performance of individuals.

Compared to the general fence fence, the anti-climbing High security palisade fence is taller, thicker, and uses a W-shaped cross section. In addition to High security palisade fence installed on the wall, the height of the High security palisade fence is 3.00 meters or 3.6 meters.

Standard: EN BS 1722-12:1990.

Head style: a pointed, triangular tip, round, round and notched, square.

Pale parts: Part W and Part D.

Height: 3.0 and 3.6 meters.

Thickness: 3.0 mm (cross section) and 3.9 mm (cross section).

Surface treatment: galvanized and powder coated in any color.

High security palisade fence is also sold as a component - 2.75 m / unit. There are no special orders, fences include fences, columns, railings, bolts and other accessories. Go to High security palisade fence to overview their  component for details.

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