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358 Anti-Climb Fence

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The 358 Anti-Climb Fence has a wire diameter of only 4mm, providing a solid barrier that is difficult to climb and penetrate. In fact, it is not possible to cut the wire at 358 using a conventional bolt or wire cutter.




4mm wire spot welded at every intersection.

Horizontal aperture: 72.2mm, Vertical aperture: 8.7mm

Max Sheet Width: 2210mm, Oriented with Attack Face Narrow 72mm aperture on horizontal plane·

Height: 2.4, 3.0, 3.6m in stock (other heights by indent)

Lock Bolt/ Huck Bolt or with 358 clip
Alternative M8 Power Drive, one way reversible or Argus non-removable cre



Due to its rigidity and minimal wind resistance, the 358 is very stable, making it ideal for use with electronic alarms and when the strained ends are anchored, such as roof and sidewalk protection.

Although the small mesh aperture sees through the features 358 is still clearly visible when looking at the fence even at a corner. This is especially important for clear camera surveillance.

The 358 offers low maintenance and long life protection.

The 358 rigid mesh fence has an outstanding deterrent effect on intruders due to its superior design and inherent anti-climbing performance. The unique dual vertical design means 358 provides significantly more powerful power while retaining the ability to be effectively visible through the product.
The unique dual vertical design provides superior rigidity and low wind resistance, making it ideal for use with electronic inspection systems and alarms.


Unlike other anti-climbing fencing products, the 358 anti-climbing rigid mesh fencing is manufactured after galvanizing. This ensures that all welded joints are protected from moisture, effectively eliminating the possibility of solder joint rust, ensuring unparalleled product quality, increasing service life and being visually appealing.

The 358 mesh security fencing is ideal for everything from high-security facilities (prisons, military yards and power facilities) to high-end architectural applications and the superior anti-climbing (but visibility-friendly) performance. Depending on your requirements, the 358 anti-climbing rigid mesh fence can be customized to order measurements.

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