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china green double welded wire mesh fence

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  • high quality galvanized welded double wire mesh fence


    The mesh of this two-wire welded grid fence is 200mm x 50mm. The double horizontal line at each intersection provides a rigid but flat profile for the mesh fence system with a vertical line of 6 mm and a horizontal line of 6 or 8 mm, depending on the height of the grid panel and the field applicatio Read More
  • Benefits of Galvanized double horizontal wire mesh fence panel


    Beautiful lookThe two-line fence is a see-through panel, a panel mounted inside or on the column, used for brackets and hardware for round and square columns, difficult to cut and climb, but simple to install and economical.High securityEach steel plate has two 8 mm wires that are soldered to the si Read More
  • Double wire mesh fence for boundary wall


    A two-line fence with a flat panel that uses a double horizontal line and a vertical line to form a rigid net. The surface treatment is applied by hot dip galvanizing or electrogalvanizing + polyester powder. The accessories for LinkLand Double Wire Fencing are RHS columns or peach columns. Double w Read More
  • China green double welded wire mesh fence


    The double wire fence system provides a multi-purpose welded stencil with double horizontal lines. Each steel plate has a double 8 mm wire welded 6 mm vertical line on either side, giving the intruder little chance of a breakthrough. Use a sturdy clip to secure the panel to the steel column and secu Read More
  • Double wire PVC coated welded wire mesh fence


    Wire Twin Mesh is available in 656 and 868 Mesh Types, pertaining to the thickness of the wire. The fencing panels consists of two vertical wires running parallel between a horizontal wire. The easy-to-install Protek 656 double wire panel fencing system is strong and versatile – it comprises twin Read More
  • Double wire galvanized welded wire mesh fence


    The double wire fence is made of high quality low carbon stainless steel wire. It is welded together with a vertical line and two horizontal lines; this is powerful enough compared to a normal welded fence panel. The wire diameter is available, for example, 6 mm × 2 + 5 mm × 1, 8 mm × 2 + 6 mm × 1. Read More
  • Welded double horizontal wire mesh fence


    welded double horizontal wire mesh fence Read More
  • 2D Double wire mesh fencing


    The Nylofor® 2D system is made of heavy-duty welded stencils and double horizontal lines. This complete professional fence system provides extreme rigidity and safety.material:Low carbon steel wireFinish:Powder coating or PVC coatingapplication:Double garden fence / double frame screenThe double wir Read More
  • China Galvanized Double Wire Mesh Fencing


    The China Galvanized Double Wire Mesh Fencing has grid structure, beautiful and practical, beautifying the environment. In addition, because of the double wire fencing function, it is easy to transport.And there is no special terrain restrictions installed. Read More
  • Double wire 656 wire mesh fencing


    Material: Heavy low carbon wire, heavy mild steel wire, stainless steel wire Wire Dia.: 2x6mm+5mmMesh Openings: 50*200 mm, 55*200 mm, 50*100 mm, 50*150 mm, etc.width: 2500mm height: 630, 1030, 1230, 1430, 1630, 1830, 2030, 2230, 2430mm. Read More


china green double welded wire mesh fence

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