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What is mesh fencing

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Mesh fencing is the ideal solution for prisons, borders or any facility with high safety fence requirements. The weld grid spacing is designed to prevent climbing. The small opening in the welded grid fence resists the penetration of common hand tools and provides a high level of perimeter protection.

Mesh fencing features:
     Custom panel size
     2-layer fence
     1/2" x 3" grid (center to center)
     Rotate the openings and connect them together to make the panel resistant to climb
     Available in bare steel, painted, PVC coated or galvanized

Our Mesh fencing can be mounted with vertical or horizontal grid alignment. Our safety fences can also be mounted to existing chain style columns to improve chain fence installation.

Since we offer a Mesh fencing with ultimate protection, this material can be used in a variety of applications. Some of these applications include:
     Major League Stadium
     College and university facilities
     power plant
     Postal facility
     Military facility
     Chemical plant

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