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Welded Mesh Fence lnstallation Tips

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If you are installing the panel on a wooden frame, nailing the mesh to one side of the wood helps secure it in place. It is recommended to staple every few inches to ensure it is safe. The weld line does not stretch like a braided chain fence. Therefore, the Welded Mesh Fence panel size needs to be accurate when ordering. It is best to use galvanized nails to resist the weather.


Depending on the wire gauge and the mesh of the Welded Mesh Fence, there may be bows that may cause sagging. If this happens and the binding cannot be selected, the strands can be woven through the mesh to keep it upright and straight. The strands can be secured to the column and twisted as needed. Wire gauges and mesh openings play an important role in determining the most suitable method for application.


It's important to understand that not all posts are the same. Steel T-pillars and U-pillars are available as a solution when installing Welded Mesh Fence panels and wire fence rolls. It is recommended to use a column that is 2 feet (feet) or taller than the height of the fence. For example, if the height is 5 feet high, a 7 foot column would suffice. You can use 6 posts, but over time you may become loose or unstable on the ground.

Animals: thinking about their needs

If you plan to surround the animal, remember that the animal does grow and may grow up. Make sure the height of the panels of Welded Mesh Fence is large enough to keep them safe and prevent wildlife from entering. Also, carefully consider the overall size of the chassis. Grid openings and gauges play an important role in making these decisions. Animals may have to walk on the wires, so smaller mesh openings will be more comfortable on their feet, but the sides of the cage/housing may have larger mesh openings to enter/see.

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