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Press Formed Spear Fencing

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Press Formed Spear Fencing, also known as school safety fences, diplomat type fencing, Brentwood style or just a safety fence. Spear Fencing is becoming more popular because it is more difficult for intruders to gain access. When schools installed this type of fence, statistics showed that invasive and vandalism was reduced by 95%. The standard height of the school safety fence is 1.8 meters; 2.1 meters and 2.4 meters, but can be manufactured to the height that suits your needs.

This gun-shaped top is made of high-quality hot dip galvanized press-formed spear-top vertical tubes that are neatly welded to hot dip galvanized horizontal pipe guides. The top of the vertical tube is usually pressed to the tip of the spear by a heavy punch. After welding on the horizontal pipe, the panel is at a level and then we will clean the weld splash point. Apply the powder to your favorite color.

Features of  Spear Top Fence

  • easy to assemble, 

  • waterproof, 

  • environmentally friendly,

  • anti-corrosion

A slab that is uneven and/or inclined on the ground can be fabricated to accommodate this particular area. This style of security can be a swing or sliding door, both styles can be automatic or manual.

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