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How to metal welded wire fencing

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Building a metal welded wire fencing is a relatively quick and easy way to keep dogs and children in the yard. It is cheaper than putting a chain fence or retaining wall and has the benefit of not being as obvious from the link.

Welded wire mesh can range in size from 3 feet to 6 feet. The wire is usually made of a material that will not rust, rot or burn. Due to the wind flowing through the fence link, the welded wire fence is not easily damaged by the wind.

step 1
Determine the height of the metal welded wire fencing you want. If the welded wire fencing is 4 feet high, the steel column needs 6 feet high. These positions need to be at least 2 feet taller than your metal welded wire fencing.

Step 2
To make sure your area is square, choose a starting point and take measurements from there. Mark each corner with a stake. After marking the corners, measure diagonally to make sure your area is square (ie, your area is a true square or rectangle). Your diagonal measurements should be the same. Adjust the stakes as needed to get the right angle.

Step 3
Measure each side of the metal welded wire fencing from one corner to the other. Add each side together. This will be how many weld lines you need. The weld line is rolled from 25 feet to 100 feet. Smaller rolls are easier to handle, but larger rolls are generally less expensive.

Step 4
Every corner needs a post. Usually, you want your posts to be 7 to 10 feet apart. Divide the length of each side by 7-10 feet to calculate how many posts are needed on each side. Add posts on each side and corners.

Step 5
Place your corner T-posts. Remove the wooden marker pile. In its place, use a hammer or steel column driver to push your T-pillar 2 feet into the ground. Knock directly.

Step 6
Once all the corner posts are tied together, attach a string to each column, near the top. Append the string level to the string to make sure your post is even. This string can also help you keep each post in a straight line.

Step 7
Measure the distance from the corner to the first column to be placed. Put the pillars to the ground. Repeat the rest of the post and try to keep the column at a 90 degree angle to the ground. Delete the string.

Step 8
Start at the corner and connect the end of the wire coil. Use a strapping wire or metal tie to tie the wires to the top, middle and bottom posts. After attaching the roll, carefully spread and stretch the wire onto the next column. Attach the wires to the pole. Continue to the corner.

After reaching the corner, carefully stretch the rope to the corner and continue to the next column. Go back and fix the wires to the corner. Continue to unroll the wires and connect to the column until it is complete.

Step 9
If a roll of wire is completed before the metal welded wire fencing is completed, the two rolls must be spliced together. The best way is to end the first roll of wire on a column and start a new roll on the same column. After attaching the roll to the fence, use a wire cutter to remove excess wires.

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