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Flat Top Steel Fencing

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Flat Top Steel Fencing, a pleasing simple, frilly-free design that fits the boundaries and boundaries of the best position in a minimalist approach. Square tube fence is a perfect choice for areas that require a safe, strong and sustainable fence and still define the boundaries that have the slightest impact on the eye.

Available in heights from 450mm to 1.5m and 4 different designs. We provide matching flat top doors for each of the four designs.

The Flat Top Fence is designed to provide a safe dog-proof barrier for the gaming area, but due to its rugged and practical design, it is now used in many different locations.

The Flat Top Fencing is an updated version of our Flat Top, including further neck and limb retention measures.

The Flat Top Steel Fence uses wooden columns from ethical sources of sustainable forest and low carbon steel flat-top fences.

The Flat Top Steel Fencing was based on our original design, but was updated to include tubular armrests to provide an elegant solution for the path.

Flat top fence application:

  • Game area

  • housing

  • garden

  • pavement

  • Lane

  • school

  • park

  • commercial estate

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