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China Roll Top Welded Wire Mesh Fence

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China Roll Top Welded Wire Mesh Fence is made of welded mesh panel fence with rolled top and bottom edges. The roll top fence panel is very sturdy and has good perspective visibility.

Features of Roll Top Welded Wire Mesh Fence :

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Roll Top Welded Wire Mesh Fence also known as BRC fence in some areas. Its main markets are Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries. Chinese suppliers refer to the roll top fence as a Korean fence because there is also a large Roll Top Mesh Fence market in Korea.

Roll Top Welded Wire Mesh Fence is produced in a similar process to other welded fences. The low-carbon steel wire is first welded to the design-sized panel, and then a special bending machine is required to make the rolling top and bottom. The surface treatment of roll top fence and columns is the final step in the production process. The special "V" clips are only suitable for BRC fences, but some engineers prefer to use V-clips for other types of fenced products with self-drilling bolts, because the V-clip is an economical and convenient connection solution in some respects. Scheme.

Roll top fence are commonly used in parking areas, parks or other areas of the city. Some engineers have designed BRC fences for temporary protection, such as in the building floor during construction. 

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