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5 Best Uses of Welded Wire Utility Fencing

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Welded Wire Utility Fencings are one of the most basic types of fences. Welded Wire Fencing can be made of galvanized steel or stainless steel. Barbed wire fences have many uses from residential to industrial use. Over the years, it has slowly taken over the chain fence because users think it is more durable.

1.Security fence

One of the main uses of wire mesh fences is for security purposes. This type of fence is often used as a Security fence. It can be used for industrial, commercial or residential installations. Most homes use this type of fence to protect their area and provide an aesthetic look for their outer fence. The type of wire mesh used for safety fences has different sized holes from 5 mm holes to 6 mm holes. The type of wire mesh you need depends on your preferences and requirements. There are also some types of wire mesh fences that have very small openings that prevent the toes or fingers from being held. It also prevents the tool from passing through the fence.

2. Animal fence

Another common use of wire mesh fences is in animal enclosures. Since this type of fence has different hole sizes, you can choose to use small holes or large hole fences to accommodate the type of animal you want to fence. This type of fence is commonly used in chicken houses, rabbit fences and horse fencing. Since the wire mesh fence does not have any sharp edges, it is also considered a safety fence for animals.

3. Garden fence

Welded Wire Fencing are also best suited for garden fences. It can be used to surround the entire garden area or it can be installed around certain areas of the garden. The garden fence can add a certain look to your garden, as it can also be available in a variety of colors. This type of fence can also be used as a substitute for wires for climbing plants. They are more durable and can withstand the weight of these types of plants without the need for regular maintenance.

4. Window screen

Welded Wire Fencing can also be used as a substitute for window screens. Like a Security fence, wire mesh fences provide a durable choice for window screenings. Wire mesh fences are often used as a substitute for windows that require additional safety or for screens on buildings. Window warehouses, storage facilities and storage rooms are usually fitted with wire mesh fences. It prevents outsiders from entering the facility through the window.

5. Road and rail fences

Wire mesh fences are also commonly used in industrial applications. One of the main industrial uses of such fences is for road and rail fences. Welded Wire Fencings are commonly used as safety fences for highways and railways. It is used to prevent animals and people from trying to cross railway tracks and roads. Rail fences for railways and highways are also often used to prevent and minimize damage on the track.

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