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868 double wire mesh fencing

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  • Double wire mesh fencing


    The sturdy 868 double-line fence is welded from two 8mm horizontal lines and one 6mm vertical line. We also produce 656 wire mesh and 545 wire mesh. Among them, 868 wire mesh is the most sturdy and strongest mesh, and the recommended dimensions are 868 and 656 welded mesh plates. The double wire fen Read More

  • Double rod mesh fence panel


    Double-bar grid fences are also known as two-line fence panels or double-bar fences. The two-line fence is a rigid but inconspicuous mesh fence system. It is commonly used as a perimeter fence for industrial or commercial locations and sports venues, requiring a powerful mesh fence system.Double-lin Read More

  • China green double welded wire mesh fence


    The double wire fence system provides a multi-purpose welded stencil with double horizontal lines. Each steel plate has a double 8 mm wire welded 6 mm vertical line on either side, giving the intruder little chance of a breakthrough. Use a sturdy clip to secure the panel to the steel column and secu Read More

  • Welded wire mesh panel double wire fence


    Durability is a key requirement for any sporting perimeter and is standard on the Dulok SportsTM two-wire fencing system. When you are looking for a powerful and practical fencing of up to 6060mm for your school, football field or MUGA (Multi-Functional Game Zone), it will be your ideal choice. Each Read More

  • welded wire mesh double wire clamp wire fence


    Vandal-resistant fixings help the Protek 656 double wire panel fencing system provide a reasonable level of boundary security. Quality posts and clips secure the panels and allow for variations. The panels can be stepped, helping the fence line to follow the contours of the ground. Twin Mesh is one Read More

  • 868 twin wire mesh fence for garden


    The double wire fence is also known as a double bar fence or a double bar fence (grid fence). The two-line fence is a rigid but inconspicuous mesh fence system. It is commonly used as a perimeter fence for industrial or commercial establishments and sports venues. Need a powerful mesh fence system.8 Read More

  • Welded 868 double horizontal wire mesh fence


    The 868 dual mesh provides the same mesh panel as the 656, but with a higher strength by combining a double 8 mm horizontal with a single 6 mm vertical wire.The double wire fence system is an extremely rugged mesh panel system with a flat profile (as the name suggests) with a “double” horizontal lin Read More

  • Double 656 wire mesh fencing


    Double 656 wire mesh fence, also known as the 2D fence panel, is a solid fence that is welded together by double horizontal and vertical lines. The rugged two-line fence has a galvanized, PVC coated or powder coated surface. It is durable enough to withstand corrosion and rust. In addition, it is co Read More

  • 868 double wire mesh fencing


    Double wire mesh fence also called twin wire mesh fence is extremely strong and rigid mesh fence system with a special structure - double horizontal wire welded to single vertical wire - more endurable and stable than common fence. In other words, double wire fence panel has double horizontal large Read More

  • 868 double welded mesh fencing


    Preventing people from crossing or climbing the fencing system is critical to schools, stadiums and many other public places. The Secure-nett twin wire fence system uses a two-wire manufacturing process to prevent these two factors.Each steel plate has two 8 mm wires that are soldered to the sides o Read More


868 double wire mesh fencing

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