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PVC welded wire mesh temporary fence manufacturers

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We specialize in producing PVC welded wire mesh temporary fence and are the best manufacturer in China.The welding wire fabric is made of high-quality soft steel wire.Processing includes rowing welding, cold galvanizing or hot-dip coating, PVC or PE-coating.

The temporary fence of PVC welded wire mesh is both durable and attractive. The PVC-coated wire mesh is coated with a thick PVC layer, which is firmly bonded to the metal wire by a heating process. When the wire is bent, the coating is flexible and will not break. It is stable in a good temperature range, and its quality can be maintained no matter it is high or low. The UV inhibitor is located in the vinyl and prevents sunlight degradation. The coating is also very resistant to scratches and abrasion.

Pre-galvanized welded mesh;
Hot dipped galvanized welded mesh after welding;
Galvanized welded mesh with powder coating on the surface.

Smooth surface,
uniform mesh,
firm welding spots,
excellent machining performance,
good stability,
corrosion protection
multi-purpose applications.

Application :
Galvanized and coated welded wire meshs manfuactured in modular panels are used for straightforward fixing of mobile and security fencing system. it's widely used as airport fence, railway fencing, machine protective shield, border fencing also as various commercial fencing uses.

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