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Advantages Of The Welded Temporary Fencing

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  Welded temporary fencings consist of a filled welded mesh and a square or circular frame. We can provide Canadian-style temporary fences, Australian-style temporary fences and ordinary welded temporary fences. We can also provide different types of temporary fence feet.

Benefit of welded temporary fencings:

 1.durable. Welded temporary fences are made of high-quality low-carbon steel for long life.

 2.Corrosion resistance. The surface of the welded temporary fence can be treated with PVC coating, galvanizing and powder coating, so the temporary fence has good corrosion resistance and weather resistance.

 3.Various types. Dome and square top.

 4.various colors. The surface of the temporary fence can be painted green, yellow, black, red, etc.

 5.Easy installation. Installation of welded temporary fences does not require drilling, which is convenient for emergency needs.

 6.Cost-effective. Welded temporary fences are competitively priced and of high quality and rigidity.

 7.Higher visibility. Welded temporary fences with grids will not block your view.

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